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Providing A Quality Hoof Trimming Service For Dairy Farmers In Central Minnesota

Because we know that comfortable cows produce more milk.


A lifetime of dairy management experience

Decades of hoof trimming experience in central Minnesota

Specializing in large herd dairy programs

Over 200,000 cows trimmed

Member of the Hoof Trimmers Association since 1999

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Hoof Trimmer Steve Jansma at work in central Minnesota

Steve Jansma


A Reputation Of Integrity

Hey Steve, Thanks again for coming up on Monday. Cows are much happier now. You do a great job.

Ben Sakry. Melrose, MN


Today's hoof trimming went better than any other trimmer on this farm...ever.

Brian Libbesmeier, 50 cows, Watkins, MN


This is the smoothest, quietest hoof trimming we've ever done on this farm.

Joe Burg, 150 cows. Avon, MN


I was hesitant to have a trimmer here again after my last experience. But I was pleased this time. The cattle were more comfortable and calm with the layover chute.

- Andy Varner 50 cows, Holdingford, MN


I used to think most hoof trimmers were the same. What a difference. These guys do a good job at a reasonable rate.

Bennie Holtz, HCL Farms, 250 cows, Little Falls MN


These guys are really easy to get along with!

Tim Krueger, Krueger Dairy, 150 cows, Cold Spring, MN


Steve does a good job. He's fast, thorough, and records what is done on each animal. He has decent moral values and is a pleasant guy to have around.

Phil Damhof, Damhof Registered Holsteins, 80 cows, Blomkest, MN


Steve comes on time and does a good job for a reasonable rate.

Dale Stangl, AllanDale Dairy, 450 cows, Pierz, MN


Our cows feet have improved greatly since Steve's Hoof Trimming started to come here.

Nels and Matt Globlirsch, Goblirsch Dairy, LLC., 300 cows, Wabasso, MN


Steve is punctual and uses his time well. He handles the cattle without use of excessive force. We also appreciate the good communication.

Dean Marshik, 100 cows, Pierz, MN


The two week schedule has really helped our cows feet. Basically, I'm happy with everything going on.

Don Hoffman, 350 cows, New Ulm, MN


I like the way Steve treats my cows.

Jerry Molitor, 80 cows, Foley, MN


Steve's a good hoof trimmer and he's reliable.

Joe Norman, Pine Valley Dairy, 400 cows, Pine River, MN


We really appreciate the quality job you do in looking out for the best interests of our dairy.

Chris & Donald Schueler, 300 cows, Willmar, MN


Hoof Trimmer Knows Everything

This article was written by Kerry Hoffman of New Ulm, MN. It ran in the April 28, 2007 edition of the Dairy Star paper. Kerry and her husband, Steve, live south of New Ulm, MN and milk a well managed herd of holsteins. For questions, or comments, email Kerry at kahoffman@newulmtel.net.

Steve really dislikes days when the bovine pedicure technician comes to visit the cows. After his last visit, I am not so sure I really enjoyed that particular day either. By the time I was finished helping, I felt exceptionally tired and fairly stupid. In case you don't understand my way of thinking, the bovine pedicure technician is the hoof trimmer Steve.

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Are We Trimming Our Dairy Cows Correctly?

Written by Ladd Siebert
Monday, 16 June 2008 10:13

Historically, extensive dairy cow lameness is a relatively new problem with many causes. As with any complex problem, it takes time to understand its numerous components and develop the correct solution for each.

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Who Is Refereeing This Game?

Jason Brixey, M.S., PAS
Animal Nutrition Consultant

Have you ever heard the term snapshot consulting?  Some of you have heard this expression, but for those of you that haven’t, it’s when conclusions or recommendations are given to a dairy operation from information gathered on any one specific day.

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Footbath Alternatives

Nigel B. Cook MRCVS
University of Wisconsin Madison
School of Veterinary Medicine

With the price of copper sulfate escalating to more than $70 per bag, many herds are looking for alternatives to decrease footbath costs. A 90 gallon bath requires 37lbs of copper sulfate (@ $2.80 per lb) which comes to $104 per 200 cow bath, so there are now plenty of other economic options out there for footbath alternatives...

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Valuable hoof trimming resources for the dairy farmer in central Minnesota:

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