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Steve Jansma

Steve Jansma was born and raised on a dairy farm near Walnut Grove, Minnesota. From 1979 until 1997, he was the herd manager of five different dairy operations ranging in size from 50 cows to 500 cows. His duties included all areas of animal health including records, diagnosing and treatment, DA surgeries, AI management, and hoof care.

In 1997 Steve's Hoof Trimming, Inc. began and quickly became a full-time business. Given Steve’s background and experience providing hoof care for over 150,000 cows to date, he is able to offer assistance for the wide variety of management challenges that exist on today's dairy farms.

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Being a member of the Hoof Trimmers Association since 1999 has provided an opportunity for more growth and education. Dairy producers are invited to participate as well.

Hoof Trimmers Association

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